The Woodward Dream Cruise

I’m not a big ‘cars’ person. Sure, I love looking at nice cars, and I have my opinions on what I like the look of, and what I don’t. But ask me what (classic) car model something is, or what’s so special about it, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Which doesn’t help when you live in Motor City! I wish I could say all that changed when we saw all these beautiful cars at the Woodward Dream Cruise last weekend, but alas, I can’t!

But I will say this, there were some awesome cars there and I can’t believe the fantastic condition that some of those were in. Some ran so quietly, others had beautiful upholstery (I’m guessing some had been upholstered). There was a lot to see and admire that weekend. Not just the cars, but the dedication with which their owners approached the restoration/preservation of the vehicles. I could also imagine that some of the older couples were in cars that they probably went on their first date in or which were their first family cars. Very cute.

I’m sure many visitors to the Cruise were also dreaming of owning one of these babies!

So, being completely useless at knowing what the cars are, I’ll just post some of the best photos that I have from the weekend. Enjoy!