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New home and… our own internet!

We have finally moved into our new home and, although we have yet to unpack quite a few boxes because of a lack of furniture to put our belongings in, it feels fantastic to have a place to call our own after 2 months of living out of a rental.

Here are a couple of choice shots of our home, before all the STUFF got moved in πŸ™‚ I love the booth in the kitchen.


And of the chaos in the yard as the movers unpacked LOL:

Also, we finally have our own internet!! Woot!! It took some work to get comcast to cooperate, but we (or rather, my husband) finally did it. We’ve been on a shared network for the last couple of months and I wasn’t too keen on doing too many things on a shared network, and felt really restricted. Now it’s like I have my freedom back! So, expect more posts in the coming days πŸ™‚

Because we’ve been busy preparing for this move, I haven’t had much time to sew. Or bake. Or exercise. We’ll have to do some work around the house, but hopefully I’ll have some time to do all the things I’ve been missing. So looking forward to getting my Etsy store up and running again!

For this evening however, I’ll write up my next post: my first food review!




An Upcoming Change

So my last attempt to revive one of my blogs clearly went well :p Let’s see how this one goes!

As I write this, we are packing up our lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for move to Detroit, Michigan, USA. I am feeling excited, apprehensive, nervous, panicked (because I don’t think we’re ready for the removalists to come and pack everything), optimistic…I will attempt to chart the best and worst parts of the move, and everything in between!

From a brief trip to see Detroit a couple of months ago, I know this much: the great Italian-style coffee that is so readily available on every street in Melbourne will be hard to come by. My husband’s colleagues have bought us a coffee machine that awaits our arrival in Detroit, so I will have to polish up my espresso/cappucino/latte/flat white-making skills pronto! And keep hoping that we find more places likeΒ this one. How AWESOME does that place look? I can’t wait to try it out, and to see what life in Detroit and the US holds.

Stay tuned for more!