It’s getting cold in here! = Vogue V8854 Tunic

by heartmindtummy

Right at the end of August, I decided that I should probably start making some clothes for when the weather gets a little colder. So I chose a pattern from my collection (i.e. bought but hadn’t gotten around to making in the last couple of years) and bought the fabric. I was ready to go. That pattern was a sleeveless tunic off Vogue 8854:


Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I still hadn’t made this tunic. The weather suddenly turned. It became harder to get up in the mornings, and we even had a 10 degree Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) day. Almost Melbourne winter temps. Almost. At that point I thought that maybe I had missed the boat for wearing a sleeveless tunic/vest!

The daytime temperature rose a bit last weekend, so I approached this project with ‘fervour’ (as the hubs described it) this week to ensure that 1) I have something to wear on those colder mornings that didn’t quite require a full jacket, yet 2) I have sufficient time to wear it before it gets too cold and I have to wear a jacket.

I had originally envisaged this as a more casual top, sort of like a vest. Goodness knows what gave me that impression, considering the packaging told me it was a TUNIC. So I made it, with some modifications (of course), and tried to style it for a catch-up with some friends this morning. I ended up being far more dressy that I would normally be (give me trackies and a hoody on any cool/cold day) but I guess it encouraged me to take some photos with me in it to show you, which I wouldn’t normally do (cue awkward posing!).

Finished tunic:

Vogue8854-1 Vogue8854-2 Vogue8854-3

Made the back hem longer for added styling. Used some bias trim I made (woohoo! my love affair with bias trim continues) on the inside of the sleeves and the back hem, so I wasn’t just showing an exposed hem. I actually shortened the overall length, so I’m not sure if it qualifies as a tunic anymore. It’s too short to be worn on its own/as a dress now.

And here is how I wore it today:


Mustard is just about my favourite actual colour (others are black white and blue lol). Excuse the knee crease in my jeans and the funny turnout on the back hem. Both the result of a fun 2.5 hours this morning with Kookaburras 🙂