Simplicity 2255 done -finally!

by heartmindtummy

So it’s finally done. Simplicity 2255, variation D. I chose this pattern because I used to have a store-bought top in a similar style that I loved. It was a navy blue seersucker fabric and with that image in mind, I chose a blue seersucker fabric for this project. Probably not the best choice because 1. Seersucker has a fair amount of stretch in it whereas this top required some precise cutting of the fabric to ensure it fit well and the front sections (plackets, if I must be technical) match up at the neckline, as well as at the hem; and 2. There’s a fair bit of pressing/ironing required, so you end up almost ironing out the feature that makes seersucker so unique in the first place.

Anyway, it took me far longer to complete an ‘easy to sew’ pattern than I anticipated, to the point where I was getting quite disillusioned about my sewing ‘skills’! It was taking me so long to sew the body (I am pedantic about some things so lines had to be as straight as I could get them), then I got to the neckline and my brain couldn’t process what I was supposed to do for the neck facing! After a week off over the 4th of July, I worked out what I was meant to do with that, but then when it came to sewing the buttonholes, well, that nifty sewing machine that I bought? Buttonholes should have been a breeze, right! Wrong! Everytime I had to sew the next buttonhole, the machine seemed to sew it in different directions, so I ended up unpicking and unpicking whenever it started in the direction I wasn’t expecting it to… did I mention I’m a bit of a perfectionist?! 🙂 In my mind, I had spent so long on and had put so much effort into making this top so far that there was no way I was going to have unevenly spaced buttons if I could help it. As it turned out, every buttonhole is a different distance to the next one haha. Oh well. It still looks pretty good, I think!


I had orignally wanted to make variation A, but wanted to use this as a ‘practice’ run, thinking the capped sleeves would be easier than long sleeves. The fabric I’ve purchased for variation A however is slightly slippery and stretchy so I may get something that is easier to work with for that top. I might also attempt to make something else (I’m thinking maxi dress) before I make a second shirt. This experience has just been a little harrowing 😉

P.s. if anyone can tell me how to ensure my automatic buttonholes start in the same direction, that would be GREATLY appreciated!