Some rhythm (and blues)

by heartmindtummy

So after 3 and a bit weeks, I think I’ve established some rhythm to my days and weeks. Well, as much rhythm and structure as someone without work and kids could have…

I got a new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago:


In some ways, it’s fancier than the Janome I left behind in Oz (boo), but you can tell that in other ways the Janome is a different class of sewing machine. But I’m looking forward to doing lots with this baby anyway.

I made a top within the first 2 or 3 days. I’d been very busy for the last year or so, and hadn’t made many garments in that time, so I decided to start with a simple pattern to get me back into the groove. It’s pretty basic, and off a ‘learn to sew’ pattern, but was up my alley in terms of style and wearibility so I was quite happy to start there. So here’s the first top I made in Detroit:


I’m now working on my next top. It’s taking much longer than anticipated, as I’m having difficulty deciohering what I’m supposed to do with the neck facing, but I love how it looks so far and really can’t wait to be able to wear it! Here is a ‘WIP’ shot:


I’ve also been driving a little more, to get practice in and help me prepare for my driving test. There have been some hairy I moments (driving in a heavy downpour with poor visibility, among others), but otherwise it actually hasn’t been too hard or bad. That said, I try to keep relatively close to home and haven’t ventured onto highways in peak traffic yet.

It’s inevitable that a move of this sort would involve some ‘down’ moments, and I’ve had a couple of those. My husband has been working fairly long hours during the week, so it’s quite quiet in our apartment during the week. Currently the World Cup keeps me entertained for a bit, so will be interesting when that finishes up mid-July!!

We’re in Traverse City for a couple of days with some friends and I’ll post about that when we return to D-town.