We’re here!

by heartmindtummy

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, with some relaxation and catch-up time built in, and we find ourselves finally here in Detroit.

The flight was comfortable, and relatively uneventful (good, when you are up in the air, I say!).

I will post about the move process in the coming days or weeks, but will leave you with some tidbits from our trip over:

1. The customs officer at LAX was the most friendly one we’ve come across in the U.S. He asked what we were here for, and on hearing of my husband’s work, proceeded to make conversation about the recent events in the news. He clearly found himself quite entertaining, but so did we. And a smile from a U.S. customs officer is so rate, let alone friendly banter!

2. I don’t usually keep a lookout for these things, but one of the flight attendents on the second flight had obviously had a lot of botox done. Either that, or she’s perfected the art of the ‘service smile’ – you know the one, where someone’s mouth smiles, but not the rest of their face 🙂

3. Some may think that Detroit is a hole that no one wants to come to, but if this is truly the case, how come the L.A.-Detroit flight was completely chockers?

4. Here are a couple of photos that I took one the LAX-Detroit flight. I need to find out what exactly they were! I’m guessing the one with snow is of the Rockies?


Flight Photo 1


Flight Photo 2