From Malaysia to Melbourne and now Michigan, sharing my experiences, tales and passions with anyone who will listen (or read)!

Month: May, 2014

Moving day

The movers are here!


An Upcoming Change

So my last attempt to revive one of my blogs clearly went well :p Let’s see how this one goes!

As I write this, we are packing up our lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for move to Detroit, Michigan, USA. I am feeling excited, apprehensive, nervous, panicked (because I don’t think we’re ready for the removalists to come and pack everything), optimistic…I will attempt to chart the best and worst parts of the move, and everything in between!

From a brief trip to see Detroit a couple of months ago, I know this much: the great Italian-style coffee that is so readily available on every street in Melbourne will be hard to come by. My husband’s colleagues have bought us a coffee machine that awaits our arrival in Detroit, so I will have to polish up my espresso/cappucino/latte/flat white-making skills pronto! And keep hoping that we find more places likeĀ this one. How AWESOME does that place look? I can’t wait to try it out, and to see what life in Detroit and the US holds.

Stay tuned for more!