Productivity in Uncertainty

I hate the feeling of being in limbo, and for the third time in 3 years, I face uncertainty in employment once again.

To keep my mind off this, and to help me relax, we went away for a 4 day weekend (took the Monday off, and Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day so a public holiday in metro Melbourne).

Spent the Sat night camping with friends in the Grampians, and then late on Sunday, after a couple of walks, headed to the parents-in-law’s place for a couple of nights. There, I started on a couple of sewing projects that I have been putting together in my mind for a couple of weeks. I say ‘putting together’ because I don’t have much experience in sewing to begin with, but looked at various blogs and patterns and constructed designs in my head. Risky, but for some inexplicable reason, I was confident.



The top photos are of a baby change mat/nappy wallet that I made for a friend who is due in a month. Sophisticated on the outside, in her words, it gives nothing away to the fact that it has Thomas the Tank Engine on the inside! Had I had a bit more time, I probably would have added one or two other features to the bag, but I was happy enough (and too excited to not give it to her straightaway). Hey, I taught myself (with the help of a certain search engine) to make a buttonhole, so who am I to be dissatisfied? 🙂

The bag at the bottom is a lunch bag. I had initially planned to make a shopping/grocery bag, but in my wisdom, decided to combine features of 2 bags I found online (see what I mean by ‘inexplicably confident’?) and once I had cut the fabric, realised that the finished product was going to be too small for that purpose. So it will now be the bag that I carry my lunch in. I love it. I learnt to make a square/flat bottom on this one. And a loop handle. Yay!

I only learnt to sew sometime in the last year or so, so I’m pretty happy with these and feeling really adventurous. The next thing I’d like to make is a dress. I may start with a top. We’ll see!


Lamb & Quinoa Salad, Baked Eggs, and Panko Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

Husband and I met the recipient of the nappy wallet for lunch today and luckily, she liked the gift. And for a while, she couldn’t really tell that it was homemade. I could have pointed out all the things that I knew were not quite right about it, but I was able to stop myself! Lunch was at Miss Jackson in St Kilda, and the staff were lovely. The food and coffee were pretty good too!

We got home (was NOT looking forward to having to catch up on the housework) and soon it was time to think about dinner. Husband had picked up some Tuscan Kale / Cavolo Nero from the market, so dinner was based on this scrumptious recipe:

Back to work tomorrow. It feels like Sunday today, so hopefully this will feel like a very short week!